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15 pitfalls to avoid: what I’ll never do as a web developer

things i would never do as a web developer

Attention, savvy business owners! We all know that in the ever-expanding digital world, having a killer website is the key to conquering the online realm and reeling in customers left and right. But here’s the thing: not all web developers are created equal. While some might work magic, others could unintentionally turn your dream website into a virtual nightmare. Yikes!

Fear not, my friends! 

In this article, we’re going to uncover the 15 things I would never do as a web developer with over 10 years in the game. Consider this your trusty roadmap, steering you away from treacherous traps, and towards the web development promised land. 

Let’s get into it. Here are 15 things I would never do as a web developer! 

  1. Optimize a website for 1 screen size: We live in a mobile-first world. Web developers should never forget to weave in responsive design magic to ensure your website shines on every device.
  2. Upload big video or image files: Slow-loading images and videos are the kryptonite of web experiences. It’s important to optimize media to maintain quality, while ensuring your website loads at lightning speed.
  3. Forget about security: Locking down your website and data like a fortress is an important duty that cannot be overlooked. 
  4. Not back-up a website: What happens if your site crashes for some reason? With a back-up, it can easily be restored in seconds. 
  5. Forget to update backend plugins: Your website is like a car. It needs consistent maintenance and updates to stay in tip-top shape. 
  6. Ignore accessibility: All visitors are welcome – and this is a step that cannot be missed. There are legal guidelines on accessibility, which are the bare minimum.
  7. Forget to update content regularly: Stay goodbye to stale and neglected content! Your website should receive regular content updates, breathing new life into your online presence and keeping visitors enchanted.
  8. Ignore user feedback: Visitors to your website hold all the power – they could be your future customers. It’s important to understand how they use your site and how their experience could be improved. 
  9. Use multiple fonts and colours: Branding is no joke! Keeping your website streamlined and consistent with your brand will make your business more recognizable. 
  10. Put more than 2 calls-to-action (CTAs) on one page: Giving visitors more than 2 places to go can become overwhelming, to the point where they make no decision at all and maybe even leave your site. 1 single CTA is usually best. 
  11. Neglect analytics: Reviewing what’s working on your website and what could be improved is critical for getting the most out of your investment.
  12. Not A/B test: Why not explore what other language works best on your site and for your potential customers? We A/B test to experiment with different language, colours, images and formats to ensure you’re getting the best results possible from your site. 
  13. Have inconsistent branding: We want your business to be recognized online, and offline. Having a consistent brand is critical to this. 
  14. Not integrate with a CRM (customer relationship management tool) such as HubSpot: How are you gonna track all those leads?? We need a tool to notify you when a new lead comes in, and get in touch with them for next steps. Even better if we can automate this. 
  15. Forget about SEO and page structure: Ah, the enigma of search engine optimization. We never underestimate the power of SEO, ensuring your website is as searchable as possible. 

Choosing a web developer and getting the ball rolling on your website can be a daunting task. However, avoiding these 15 things will be key to creating the ultimate online presence for your business. 

So, dear business owners, let’s embark on this journey together. Onward!

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