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3 Steps to Generate Sales with a Small Audience

social media marketing


The best part of social media marketing is that people are already interested in what you got, or they wouldn’t have found or followed you. You just need to know HOW to warm them up and they’ll slide into your DMs wanting to work with you. You can do this with your content, and with a strategy that works.

Instead of buying ads and using other marketing tactics, you CAN provide a better experience for your leads. How?

👉 Understand what your audience wants to see and provide it.

The 3 big steps to be aware of are:

  • Know your ideal client, and speak their language. They are here to learn from YOU.
  • Master your content and build your brand. Share your values, make connections with people and create content about the problem you solve and the value of solving it.
  • When your audience is warmed up, it’s time to position your offer in front of them.

Watch the full video below for more.

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I’m authenticallysofie or just Sofie – and I’m an enneagram 8, dog mom, tea lover and aries and I’m here to help you combine your business with social media to make profit. Every entrepreneur needs to know how to sell and social media changed everything when it comes to sales and marketing. My passion is to empower and help you build a profitable business through strategy + psychology.

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