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5 marketing trend must-haves for 2023

marketing trends

Attention is the new currency. With so many Tiktoks, webinar invites, Reddit threads, tweets and more in our faces 24/7, it can be challenging to get the attention of your consumers. 

Whether your business has been around for a while or you’re a small team start up, it’s crucial to incorporate recent marketing trends into your strategy to stay competitive and relevant. Digital marketing trends are changing every day, and forcing businesses to adapt their strategies accordingly. 

This blog post details 5 marketing trend must-haves for 2023, and some actionable takeaways that you can incorporate today. 

Marketing Trends for 2023 at a glance

  1. Interactive Website Personalization 
  2. Localization
  3. Inclusive Marketing
  4. More Video
  5. Artificial Intelligence Tools

1. Interactive Website Personalization

There’s nothing more effective than a well-developed website that relates to the challenges that your target audience experiences each day. There’s a way to take this one step further through interactive quizzes and personalized tools. These pieces of content are attractive because they help provide quick answers to the questions that people have on your website. 

For example, let’s say you’re renovating a room in your house, and you’ll need some hardwood floor. You have no idea how many planks of hardwood you’ll need for the square footage of the room. Flooring websites that have square footage calculators will be useful. Instead of spending time determining how many units you have to buy, you can use a calculator by inputting the dimensions of the space. 

The more a website aims to help consumers through interactive content like this, the more successful it will be.

Take action: Start to create pieces of content specific to your target market. Are you targeting first-time home buyers? Surgeons? Contractors? Brides? Create content relevant to them, in a format they’ll find useful (i.e. blog posts, e-Book, webinar, videos, etc).

2. Localization

Searches from mobile devices for businesses “near me” have increased substantially over the last few years. According to a 2022 report, 97% of users searched online to find a local business. Local businesses have a competitive edge because their content can be more relevant to a local audience, and therefore, bumped up higher in Google’s search results. 

The focus on local marketing will continue in 2023.

Take action: Brands with localized content will continue to gain traction as more consumers are searching for local businesses. Write a few blog posts or social media posts about how your business offers value to your local community.

3. Inclusive Marketing

50% of today’s biggest marketing audience (Gen Z), say that companies should take a stance on diversity, equity and inclusion issues such as racial injustices, 2SLGBTQ+ rights, abortion laws, etc. 

Being involved in and starting important conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion allows brands to be culturally in tune with their audience. Inclusive marketing connects your brand to more diverse audiences across different languages, cultures and backgrounds.

Take action: Start by conducting an audit of the content that your company releases online. Do you have diverse representation in the images you use on your website? What kind of language are you using in your blog posts? Does your website pass a basic accessibility check? When was the last time you thought about who your target audience is? Make changes where required.

Note: this kind of marketing is not a strategy to get more leads. It is a bare minimum approach to ensuring your website and online content is inclusive to today’s diverse audiences.

4. More Video

We’ve all heard it before: video content is one of the most effective social media formats. It still rings true.

In 2023, companies will continue investing time and money into YouTube Shorts, Tiktok, and Instagram. These short-form video formats, as well as live streaming on social platforms, allows brands to build closer relationships with their audiences. By showcasing imperfect, behind the scenes moments, companies create deeper connections with customers.

Take action: Create a Tiktok, Instagram reel or YouTube video: host a live Q&A or webinar, create a product demo or walkthrough, share an important tip for your industry, or have a customer champion create a testimonial on your behalf. 

5. Artificial Intelligence Tools

Recently, the Internet has been buzzing with news about an AI tool called ChatGPT. This tool can create detailed content in seconds based on a prompt that you provide. Developments like this are what make people wonder if AI will replace human marketers one day. 

While there are a lot of exciting uses for AI in marketing, it can’t fully replace a knowledgeable marketer. The main issue with AI tools is they can’t create quality, innovative, natural-sounding content. Google values this when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), and actually stated that any content generated by AI chatbots is considered spam. Google penalizes any AI-generated content they find on websites. 

AI tools can, on the other hand, be useful tools for research and brainstorming. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to write you some content on a specific topic, and use that as a starting point for your own writing. You can save time in creating content this way. 

Take action: Create a ChatGPT account and try it out! Use it as a starting point for a new blog post, and see how it performs on your website.

Is your business ready for the marketing trends of 2023?

The good news is, less will be more in 2023. 

Consumers are looking for quick messages that resonate and provide value. The key to winning will be to align your marketing strategy to the metrics that you want to see.

Download the 2023 Marketing Trends Checklist

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