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7 Proven Strategies to Triple Your Blog Traffic in 3 months

7 Proven Strategies to Triple Your Blog Traffic

Looking to increase blog traffic? Here are the 7 proven strategies I used to triple my blog traffic in just 3 months!

My first blog post on my very first website had 1 view. (And it was my mom). Yep, I said it – but you gotta start somewhere!

Since the beginning of SL Creative, I have been writing blog post after blog post with no real strategy or thought process. Whenever I felt like writing, I wrote. And sometimes months would go by that I didn’t publish a thing.

I wondered why I didn’t get results.

It was only until the beginning of 2020 when I relaunched SL Creative that I started to spend more time on the things that help to increase my brand awareness online.

Blogging is one of them.

Within 3 months, my blog views more than tripled. Here’s a screenshot from Google Analytics:

Increase Blog Traffic

I used these 7 tactics to increase blog traffic in just 3 months, and therefore increase my brand exposure online.

1. Blog Regularly

There are a TON of theories floating around online about how you can increase blog traffic. However, no one will argue that original, high-quality content with a few powerful keywords is the best place to start.

Blogs that have more frequent and regular posting schedules tend to build an audience of loyal readers faster. Blogging regularly is the single most important thing you can do to increase your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

All the SEO strategies in the world won’t help you unless you are consistently adding content to your site, so get writing! (Or, let’s talk about how SL Creative can help).

2. Use Keywords in your blog posts

Using keywords is a great way to ensure that you are attracting the right readers to your blog. Tools like SEMRush are useful to research a few powerful keywords, and ensure that those are targeted in your blog posts. Let’s break it down:

Keywords are words or phrases that are used to match your blog content with the terms that people are searching for.

When someone searches for “things to do in Turks and Caicos”, and your most recent blog post uses this keyword/phrase effectively, then your blog post is more likely to pop up in their search results.

This means that not only will you get more visitors to your blog, but you’ll also get more qualified visitors that are interested in reading (or even sharing) your post.

3. Connect to your Community

One of the most powerful ways to increase your readership is to connect to your community! What I mean by that is – send out an email to your email list when you’ve published a new blog post. Spread the word on social media. Don’t be afraid to bug your friends, family or friendly clients! If your blog posts are high-quality and valuable, your audience might even want to share them to their networks and do some of the outreach work for you.

4. Read and comment on other blogs

Increase blog traffic by returning the favour. If you found a blog post to be helpful or interesting, leave a comment. Blogging is all about interacting with others and engaging in online discussions, and by leaving a comment, other bloggers (and blog readers) may check back to see what your site is all about. Plus, you can make some pretty awesome connections in the mean time!

5. Link to other blogs

Linking to internal pages (i.e. other blog posts on your site) improves your SEO because it helps to connect your site, and gives Google a better understanding of your website structure. External page links help increase your blog traffic as well, because they can add credibility and additional value to your content. 

Not to mention, the author of that original resource will get a notification in their analytics that you have linked to their post. They may check out your post to see what you said.

6. Write share-worthy content

You can increase blog traffic by making your blog work for you. When you create well-written content that solves the exact problem your reader has, they may share it with their friends. And those friends might share it. And so on (and so on). Your blog post may travel hundreds of thousands of internet miles and reach the perfect people without you having to lift a finger!

7. Don’t get discouraged!

Mastering the perfect blog post takes time and practice. A lot of bloggers are likely still perfecting their craft (myself included), and they definitely weren’t overnight successes. So, don’t get discouraged by a slow start. Continually posting and testing to see what your readers prefer will help to shape your blog. Keep at it!

If you’re looking to increase your site traffic for more leads, check out this blog post that has 25 quick ways to increase conversions.

Got a great blog post I can check out? Drop a link in the comments!

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