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Case Studies

When we say “social proof is priceless”, we mean that the voice of the customer is invaluable in the sales process. SL Creative meets with your customer champions on your behalf and creates a unique case study for your sales team, rich with ROI and testimonials.

case studies

Increase sales velocity through solid social proof.

Save time by not having to chase down clients for case study information.

Receive professionally written and researched customer success stories for marketing and referral use.

3 steps to your winning case study strategy


Our team meets with your client to understand their story and identify key data points.


SL Creative case study professionals write and produce the case study, saving your team time.


Your new case study is delivered to your team for public use on your website, in social media, in content downloads, etc.

case study writing service

Social proof is priceless.

Receive professionally written and researched case studies that your marketing and sales team can use to increase deal velocity.

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