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You may have tried to manage your social media by yourself, but you’re starting to realize that it’s a time consuming job. Plus, you have your business to run.

SL Creative can help with social media management.

When people do research for their next meal, vacation, home, or purchase, they turn to Google. Our goal is to attract people from near and far to come see what makes your business so f***ing awesome. We do this through social media and email marketing.

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Turn customers into fans who rave about you online, spreading your message through local search channels and social media. 

Optimize your social profiles and target messages to your audience. Grab the attention of followers and turn them into paying customers.

91% of people regularly read online reviews when checking out places to go. Start getting the 5 star reviews you deserve, and broadcast it to the world. 


For when you're just warming up
$ 595 / month
  • Profile Set Up (Up to 2)
  • 4 Posts Per Month, Per Platform
  • 1 Consultation Per Year


Perfect for businesses gaining momentum
$ 895 / month
  • Profile Set Up (Up to 4)
  • Community Management
  • 8 Posts Per Month, Per Platform
  • Monthly Report
  • 2 Consultations Per Year
Best Value


For established businesses
$ 1595 / month
  • Profile Set Up (Up to 6)
  • Community Management
  • Up to 15 Posts Per Month, Per Platform
  • Monthly Report
  • 4 Consultations Per Year



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When you ask people to talk about their favorite businesses, the quality of the service they receive is front and center of the conversation. But it’s not the only part of your business that brings people through your front doors or gets you bookings.


People like to feel connected with the places they visit. In other words, they’re more likely to frequent a business that isn’t afraid to show a little personality. This is where social media comes in to attract new customers, and delight current ones. 

Well, you can. But here's the first truth - social media & communications is a full time gig. Try it for a month and you'll see. With so much changing every second on social platforms, you need an expert who can do it right, and get results.

Email marketing continues to deliver a strong return on investment. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average of $42 in return. Our email marketing is strategically integrated into your social media and website so that your customers get a seamless, human experience.

You may have heard of Google Listings before. Having a Google Listing will get you on the first page of Google, no questions asked. It is critical for your business, simply because of that reason. And we can make it happen. Learn more about them here

Community Management means engaging with your social media followers through comments, likes, and direct messages (or DMs). 84% of consumers want brands to use social media to build a sense of community. This is how we do it. 

Consultations are 1 hour long, in person or virtual sessions, where we share the analytics and growth that your business has experienced on social media. We discuss any roadblocks, we talk about your goals and what you want to see, and we answer any questions you might have.