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Sprinkles & Sparkles Desserts

SL Creative was so supportive throughout the process and made it so stress free! Thank you for that!
With just one email and one conversation, Sydney understood exactly what I was looking for and what my vision was for Sprinkles and Sparkles. Sydney has given me all of the tools and resources that I need to operate my business for years to come. I have received a lot of feedback of how great my branding looks on social media, and for that I cannot thank Sydney enough!
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Davi Lall

Owner, Sprinkles & Sparkles

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The Challenge

Sprinkles & Sparkles is a dessert and catering company based in Toronto. They needed a unique and memorable brand that stood out on social media. 

The entrepreneurs behind Sprinkles & Sparkles already had a vision for what their brand would look like. SL Creative stepped in to help bring the brand to life and integrate it into a consistent strategy to withstand the test of time. 

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Services Provided

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