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5 Secrets to Standing Out on Social Media

standing out on social media

Looking for ways to stand out on social media? I know what you’re thinking — YES! Please, someone, tell me how I can stand out because in my industry there are thousands of people doing the exact same thing as me! 

Well, let’s dive right in friends because I promise you will never regret being confident in the message you are bringing to your audience. Starting out strong…

1. Know exactly who you're talking to.

You may have heard the term ‘Ideal Client/Audience’ circulating around. YES, having an ideal client for your business is helpful in clarifying your message on social media, but what you might not know is that each piece of content you create should be speaking directly to one person. It’s ok for different offers to have different ideal clients. But, it’s not OK to have content that doesn’t have a clear audience.

2. Overcome inconsistencies.

OK, this is a hefty one. But, so very important. If there is anything the Instagram algorithm loves, it’s consistency. Instagram wants to see you using and interacting with all of its features. And I know, it has a lot. It’s a lot to think of new content for captions + stories + IGTVs + Lives + now Reels. But don’t be discouraged! Take content from your captions or blog posts and turn it into repurposed content. This helps to create consistency in your brand message!

3. Define your mission.

In my business and with my clients, I define this through brand values and brand story. Brand values are infused with your brand voice – they are the values that you, as a brand, want to be known for. You can find common ground by taking into consideration your ideal audience and what’s important to them. Brand story combines what you do, who you do it for and why you do it, into one. This is the process of uncovering pieces of your story and creating connections with your audience. It’s important to claim your brand values and story so that you can craft an authentic brand story that resonates with your clients and customers. 

4. Own what makes you unique!

If you went to your five favourite social media accounts and asked yourself ‘what do I love about their account? What makes them stand out?’ I bet you will think things like – ‘I love their colours, or they’re always showing their bright smile, or their graphics are killer, etc’. Now, think about you. I get it – it can be hard to think there is anything unique about ourselves. Let’s talk through it. Consider your experiences (professionally or life), consider your passions/hobbies, consider your personal journey, consider your creative process. How do pieces of your story shape your passions? What would your family and friends say makes you, you? What is it that you want your audience to know about you?

5. Stop trying to fit in.

Are you still trying to fit in on social media? Yes, there are concrete steps you can take to see success in your business. BUT, you will find ultimate success when you learn to embrace who you are, above all else. You are what is unique about your business. You are what is unique about your brand. You are the connection your clients or customers have to your product/service. What makes you ‘you’ should shine through in your content, because ultimately, that is what is going to set you apart from the competition.


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Abbi Rew

Content + brand mentor + your go-to hype girl. I mix strategy + storytelling to help makers craft content that sets them apart + authentically connects them with their audience.

If this was helpful for you — I’d love to know. 

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