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Top 10 Zoom Backgrounds

funny zoom backgrounds

10 Best Zoom Backgrounds!

Is Zoom quickly becoming a part of your daily meeting or class routine? It’s always fun to spice up your calls with virtual backgrounds (unless your meetings are supposed to be super professional, that is). These zoom backgrounds are sure to get your colleagues giggling. Right click to download the full res image, and see the video on how to upload these to Zoom here

1. The Simpson's Living Room

Fox created Animation Domination Zoom Backgrounds for all its popular shows. Join your next zoom call from the Simpson’s living room!

the simpsons living room

2. Finding Nemo (and other Pixar classics)

Pixar tweeted out some free zoom backgrounds from their movies and short films. Of course my favourite is from Finding Nemo. 


3. Bikini Bottom

Specifically, Spongebob’s house. There are several Nickelodeon images that are available here


4. Tiger King

If you watched this hilarious yet intriguing series, you’ll love these backgrounds


5. Dr. Evil & Mini Me

Maybe it’s just me, but just thinking about some of the funny scenes in Austin Powers made me smile. 

dr evil zoom background

6. Airplane Views

If you have the travel bug (like me), or if you’re grieving a cancelled trip (like me), these backgrounds from United might cheer you up. 

united zoom backgrounds

7. Airbnb Homes

Okay, you might get a little distracted looking at these backgrounds on your next zoom call…

airbnb homes

8. Ru Paul's Drag Race

Yaaaas! Ru Paul tweeted 4 zoom backgrounds for all your werk from home needs.

rupaul zoom backgrounds

9. Bloomscape

Bring some life into your next zoom meeting! Check out Bloomscape’s backgrounds here


10. The Office

There’s a bunch of The Office zoom backgrounds out there, but it’s hard to do better than this one. It’s clever and funny.

the office zoom background

How to change your virtual background

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