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10 Tips to a Successful Website

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10 Website Tips to Build the Perfect Website

These days, anyone can build a website and learn how to promote it. Your website is a small, yet important aspect of building your brand in today’s technology driven world. Learn how to increase the success of your website by reading the tips below.

1. Work on your brand strategy. Do you want your website to be an extension of a more traditional form of media? Do you want your website to be a source of income for your business? Or, do you want to use it to generate leads and direct followers to it to gain more information about your business? The choice is yours, and the options are endless. However, you have to make sure that whatever you decide is consistent with your overall branding strategy.

2. Avoid easy-to-make mistakes. Users can make assumptions about your site based on what they see in the first few seconds, and this first impression can cost you. A successful website relies on not only great visuals, but great content as well. Get familiar with writing copy for web use, and ensure that your graphics and images are professional and crisp.

3. Choose a domain name that you can work with. When purchasing a domain name, make sure it is one that represents your business for years to come. Your website may go through millions of redesigns, but your domain name should stay the same so that users can recognize and maintain familiarity with your platform. Try to avoid long domain names or hyphens/dashes.

4. Have a clear call to action. It is important that visitors know exactly what to do once they are on your site. Do you want them to check out your latest products? Read your most recent blog post? Contact you to learn more about the services you provide? Make sure this is clear on your website. For example: 


5. Work on generating website traffic. Regardless of how amazing your website is, it won’t get any traction from merely just existing on the web. It is important that you spend the time to bring visitors to your site; for example, through social media campaigns, blog posts, using targeted keywords and SEO, external/internal links, frequent updates, etc. Constant site promotion is key to increasing traffic.

6. Make users want to stay on your site. One of the best website tips, is encouraging users to click deeper and deeper in to your site is important. Enhancing your content, updating your site frequently and making your site more interactive are ways that you can encourage visitors to stick around and learn more.

7. Update frequently. Updating your site frequently lets your visitors know that you care about them, and you care about what they read on your site. It is important to show that your business is active and involved, and updating frequently makes a huge difference with your search engine optimization and ranking. Make sure to feature fresh, new content. A great way to do this is through a blog or news page.

8. Maintain SEO. With the crazy amount of competition online, it is critical to use search engine optimization in order to improve your ranking in major search engines. This can be a time-consuming task, but it will provide you with more traffic on your site. Content won’t get read unless it is properly optimized. This means that text has to be specifically written and revised for online web use.

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9. Develop a social media campaign. One of the biggest forms of advertising today is through social media. Developing a social media strategy that is consistent with your branding guidelines can direct visitors back to your site, gaining you more visibility and traction online.

10. Measure your success. There are several web analytics tools that you can take advantage of to measure the success of your social media and your website. I use Google Analytics, which gives specific reporting that helps me to understand what works and what doesn’t. This way, you can improve the content on your site to increase your website’s success.

Building your website is just the beginning of a successful marketing campaign for your business. You will also need up-to-date security protection installed, an effective design and colour scheme, an appropriate logo, customized website elements, and a reliable hosting service. Reach out to me today for more tips and tricks when it comes to having a successful website and brand design!

What now? Check out this collection of website hacks to help you on your digital journey. 

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